Welcome to the Spartan War Fighters website!

This clan believes in teamwork and having fun. We are play Battlefield, ArmA, and PlanetSide, and DayZ. We place value in leadership, individual skill, and communication. Take your time, look around, and get to know the members of the =SWF= Clan. We are a cohesive team with strong camaraderie. We foster enjoyable, lasting friendships that enhance everyone's on-line gaming experience. Begin your in-processing now, invest your military gaming time with us, and reap the benefits.

Spartan Warrior Ethos
- Quality War Fighters are better than a large Quantity of 
     care-free gamers.
- Selection is based on participation, conduct, skill, and ability 
     to fit in with the team.
- Spartans can not be mass produced or created after the 
     initiation of a crisis.  Spartans are dedicated
     to pursuing a life-time profession of warfighting.
- Spartans never quit or accept defeat. They continue to fight 
     for their brothers-in-arms to seize a hard fought Victory.
- Leadership, individual skill, and communication are valued traits. 
     We lead by example.
- The =SWF= Team is cohesive with strong camaraderie in which 
     we foster enjoyable, lasting friendships.
- Spartan War Fighters believe in teamwork and having fun.